816 Field Conditioner Bag-mockup

SAF 816 Conditioner

Product Description

  • Calcined Clay Native to North Mississippi area
  • Baked at 1200-1400 degrees
  • Screened at 8/20 mesh¬†size
  • Absorbs moisture
  • Reduces compaction of your Mar Mix Infield Mix
  • Can be used daily as infield topdressing material

SAF Field Conditioner Application for Skinned Areas

Field SizeRadiusInfield TypeQuantity*
Baseball95'Grassed Infield Only40-80 bags
95'Grass Infield w/6' Baseline60-80 bags
Softball65'Skinned w/Grass Aprons40-80 bags
65'All Skinned80-120 bags
Youth50'Grassed Infield Only40 bags
50'Grass Infield w/4' Baseline50 bags
50'All Skinned80-120 bags
- This rate should give less than 1/4" coverage
*Quantity shown is approximate quantities only. Please call our office or contact your sales representative to discuss your unique situation.

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