Ballgame Changer

  • All the benefits of a Mule Mix field conditioner.
  • Benefits of a premium surfactant blend.
  • Standard maintenance practices.
  • Safer playing surface.
  • Rapid infiltration of applied water or rainfall.
  • Reduced water loss due to surface evaporation and run-off.
  • Increased water available to wick back to surface to reduce dust during game.
  • Less drying out of infield mix during game.


Product Description

Your application of a premium durfactant blend is accomplished with just your normal application of your infield conditioner!
Independent third party research has proven the ability of the Game Changer KT³ technology to deliver the premium surfactant blend to the infield mix profile. In this research study, the addition of the premium surfactant blend improved the infiltration of applied water by 50% (half the time required to soak up the same amount of water).

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