Mound Clay

SAF Mound Clay products are composed of high density materials used to repair wear areas at the mound and batter’s boxes. These products are ready to use right out of the bag and will effectively reduce your maintenance time. Find your nearest SAF product distributor here


5-star Packing Clay

  • High Density red clay material (Higher clay content than Turface MarMound All Purpose Clay)
  • Ready to use right out of the bag.
  • Excellent durability, holds up game after game.
  • Used at all levels of play from coast to coast.
  • Easy installation.
  • Works well with MuleMix Field Conditioners and Amendments.
  • Available in truckload quantities (bulk), 50 lb bags, or 2,000 lb Super Sacks.


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Product Description

New Mound and Homeplate Construction Recommended Quantities

BaseballMound9'10" Height7 tons
Homeplate13' 4" Depth12 tons
SoftballPitching Circle8'4" Depth5 tons
Homeplate10'4" Depth10 tons
YouthMound5'6" Height3 tons
Homeplate10'4" Depth8 tons
*Quantity shown is approximate quantities only. Please call our office or contact your sales representative to discuss your unique situation.
Mar Mound Clay bag

Turface MarMound All Purpose Clay

  • High density red clay material
  • Used in high wear areas on the mound (toe and landing areas) or in the batter’s boxes.
  • Screened at 1/2″ to remove debris and “sift” the material
  • Works well with conditioners and amendments
  • Used at all levels of play from Youth League, High Schools or Professionally
  • Available in Truckload quantities (bulk), 50lb bags or 1,000 lb or 2,000 lb super sacks.