Axis™ Ceramic Calcined Clay

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Product Description

  • Increases plant available water.
  • Improves drainage.
  • Reduces soil compaction.
  • Never stops working.

Sports Turf

With heavy play and practice schedules, soccer and football fields easily become compacted, resulting in worn or bare turf areas. By adding porosity to the soil with Axis products, even the hardest native soils can be amended to allow turf to recover more quickly and respond faster to regular maintenance. Additionally, improved soil allows fertilizers and pesticides to be more effective, sometimes at lower rates, to produce a better playing surface.

Golf Courses

Axis Ceramic is a calcined (kiln-fired) clay root zone amendment that increases water retention and release, reduces compaction, and promotes deeper roots. Leading golf course architects around the world have found Axis Ceramic to be indispensable for top-level golf courses, especially in places with limited or salty irrigation water. Its permanent performance means water savings, improved permeation rates, control of excess water, tolerance of recycled and salty water, and more.

Axis Ceramic provides instant benefits for turf establishment. Immediately improve the performance of your greens and fairways by incorporating 5% – 10% of Axis Ceramic (by volume) into the root zone.

By controlling the infiltration of air and water in the root zones, Axis Ceramic can also help reduce problems such as fairy rings, wet or dry spots, and black layer. Axis Ceramic’s absorption capacity lets the greens firm up and become playable much sooner after heavy rainfall.

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